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Na forum sat-4-all.com obowiązuje bezwzględny zakaz oferowania sharingu oraz umieszczania linków do treści łamiących prawa autorskie.


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  1. Please fix sports plugin ngolos,sport365 and wiz1...Thanks
  2. Mario please fix sports plugin (sport365,ok goals,hoofoot,ourmatch,ngolos)...
  3. Please put a link to the KODI add-on. http://kodimovies.info/how-to-install-sport-365-live-kodi-addon-a5306.html https://github.com/bugatsinho/bugatsinho.github.io/tree/7ebd2dd02564dd212067369b7e52be75337e45c8 and https://mbebe.github.io/blomqvist/ (this link is polskie) Mario please fix other sports plugins ourmatch,hoofoot,ok goals and ngolos (problem video host unknown) Thanks...
  4. Na sport365.live wprowadzili zabezpieczenie fingerprint2. Aktualnie nie wiem jak to obejść, a nie mam na tyle czasu żeby się w to bardziej wgłębiać. In Kodi they escaped him, i just do not know how...
  5. Mario please fix sport add once sport365,ourmatch,hoofoot,ok golas and ngolos ..This plugins not work old time..Thanks..
  6. Openpli works very hard..It's hard to get into the feed..It's like losing a connection to the network.. Other image (OpenATV 6.3,OpenHDF 6.4,Pure 6.2,Open Vix) work fine.. The problem is that the code that if installed in Open Pli and then installed in any other image leads to demolishing the neoboot.. Test Zgemma H7S.. Thanks..
  7. It needs to be fixed, what will happen when Opendroid 8 with kernel version 4.3 appears in the announcement... I have also tried this on Zgemma H7S..
  8. Why is not sports plug-ins updated? sport365live,ourmatch,hoofoot,ok golas,ngolos do not work or work only Russian stream...Thanks
  9. Mario thanks for this job...Please fix sport365live,and sport plugins ngolos,hoofoot,ourmatch,ok golas (problem for play first stream)...Thanks
  10. Do you try to together OpenPLi 7.0 and PurE 6.2 ? I try in my Zgemma H7S: OpenPLi working, but Pure2 6.2 is booting, but when I try to enter in Main Menu, or other menus, image is freezes, and after some time restarts... If someone spammed these two images, which image to put in the flash ...
  11. It's a shame not to keep working ... So much of me ...
  12. I appreciate your work, your lost time and your efforts ... Nothing bad about you is written .. I do not want any controversy .. I took the stance that wrote about the HDD and about the bad people and the private version ... I want you and me to your family, a lot of happiness and happy moments .. It's life and the rest are trifles ... Regards sportfootbol...
  13. I read your posts on https://satelitskiforum.com/ You wrote that you give me "suggestions" I thought that you asked to add service you want to use. I spent time to add them, but now I know that these was your "suggestion" for which probably I should say you thank you - this is really interesting point of view. Same with hdd issue you described, which have just a bit of truth in itself. I will suggest you to read again because you really don't understand anything. You are the master of your job, thank you for the sports plugins, you did for me .. I am still claiming that you are doing your job well ... Thanks a lot .. I only know that I did not write anything bad about you, because I'm not such a man..
  14. I did not register on this forum .. You are overtaking .. This is no connection with me .. Now you are annoying me, because I never wrote a bad word for you and your work .. You are crazy about stupidity ...Thank you for everything, but this is exaggeration. I have never been register to this forum yet..and through facebook i contacted you, you could see my profile .. I have nothing to do with this subject..If all of this is a kind of excuses, do not mix other people with your problem.
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