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  1. Wrzuć w translator:
    How to recover an ERROR01 : NO CA FOUND - on DM800/DM8K
    This summary "tutorial" to explain how to fix a DM8000 not booting with the code "ERROR01 : NO CA FOUND" on the screen.

    Cause of the error:
    - bad flash
    - official image flashed

    -> ERR01 : NO CA FOUND

    What doesn't work anymore:
    - no boot
    - no network connection
    - no possible image upgrade
    - DreamUp unable to upgrade even with serial cable

    1) Use DreamUp 1.3.3 with serial (null modem) cable
    2) Choose COM1, connect, power ON DM800 and wait
    3) After a few seconds the DM8000 screen will come back with an IP address
    4) Type in that address in IE
    5) Flash first a BootLoader (ex: 72R1)
    6) reboot DM8000 and hold power button
    7) Wait for IP to appear on DM800 screen
    8)Type in that address in IE
    9) Flash your desired image

    If still not possible.
    - remove power
    - press power button
    - put power back
    - wait for the screen to show a DHCP given IP address
    - try to flash via Network on that address


    - Remove power plug
    - Wait 30 sec
    - Put power back and immediately hold the power on button

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    Potrzebujesz pomocy? Na czym ona ma polegać? Widziałem Twoją prośbę na czacie. Napisz na PW. Dogadamy się. 😜

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