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New Official Image 12/08/2005

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Hi guys,

New official image:

What is new:





- bugfix: crash after end of a PVR-playback

- bugfix: muting-state while timeshift

- new : Powerfail-mode. If the STB was in Standby while a powerfail, the STB

returns to standby after the powerfail.




- bugfix: fixed mounting CIFS network share

- bugfix: potentially race-condition in PVR-Icon display fixed.




- bugfix: on first boot (or after restoring factiry defaults) there where a

Kernel-Ooops, which causes the application not to work.

- bugfix: the Extras menu did not work at all




- update: Eutelsat W5 at 70.5 east added to transponder list

- change: all harddisk related settings moved from the expert menu to a new

options menu in system setup -> more system setup -> harddisk

- change: harddisk status menu shows some more details about the installed HD.

Also the shown sizes (total/free) are shown correctly on an 1024 base.

- change: if no harddisk is installed, the harddisk menu is shown deactivated

and is not selectable.




- new: PVR is able to fast rewind now. More feautures like bookmarking will

follow soon.

- new: added support for Inverto Unicable LNB's (4 Receivers connected to

one single cable for one satellite position)

- new: added support for Dish Network current/next EPG-data.

- new: added support for Dish Network schedule EPG-data. For this you have

to switch to the special service "EEPGSERVICE" (available on 110°

west only).

- bugfix: a lot of rework on the EPG-cache. There are still some problems with

missing EPG-data due to our internal sectionfilter-concept. We are

working hard on this to solve the last problems.

- bugfix: Some more changes/fixes to the OSD to solve various wrong displayed


- update: USB-WLAN should also works with the D-Link DWL-G122, SMC EZ-Connect,

various Cisco-Linksys devices (Device-IDs 0x000D and 0x0011).

- update: updated Linux-Kernel, updated bootloader


Available here. Need to be register !



Have fun

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