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Na forum sat-4-all.com obowiązuje bezwzględny zakaz oferowania sharingu oraz umieszczania linków do treści łamiących prawa autorskie.


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* remove skins directory structure
* bootmanager: add a sexy skin
* bootmanager: add another sexy skin
* all informations for multiple services over camd.socket is still exist without this ugly (unneeded) hack.. (what is the coherence to flash-plugin_dreamflash?)
in the future please ask me before you commit your useless stuff.. thx
* hack for CanalSatellite
* optimize epgcache for lower cpu and ram usage
* small optimiziations
* in scan read current and other TS SDT and filter against transport stream id..
this makes transponder scan on dish network transponder possible.. but the service types are not correct.. some channels are added as data channels
* add function to retrieve webif version
* mount manager: add additional mount method
* mount manager: add additional query method
* replace various enable_dyn compile switch with enable_expert_webif
* revert part of previous commit (16 bit crc is not unique enough )
* new image class for bootmanager
* adaptation of bootmanager to new image class
* adapt to image class
* chttpd: tiny web server... that allows to
- upload files (e.g. images, configuration files, etc.
- host web pages (for those who don't need apache)
it's based on nhttpd
* add flash-enigma_boot
* fix dont_mount_hdd, remove dead code
* add expert_webif compile switches
* set hdd parameters after mount
* create chttpd config class
* streamline code a bit
* add movie rename function (thnx to sat_turner)
* webif: fix movie delete on pdas
* bootmanager: fix for activation of bootmenue thru webif
* webif: add chttpd control panel
* use 'vi' from busybox-1.00
* dvbsnoop:
- Bugfix: tssubdecode check for PUSI and SI pointer offset
still losing packets, when multiple sections in one TS packet.
- Changed: some Code rewrite
- Changed: obsolete option -nosync, do always packet sync
* de.po: update
* de.po: fix
* bootmanager: fix skin dir



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