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Narzędzia do AzBox

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AzBox HD CAM Wizard by telesat



  • AzBox CAM Wizar.d v.1.0

  • This application is created for beginners and for well skilled users which want's to setup all needed CAM's faster in new AzBox HD.
  • After installation of this application, CAM's are ready to be installed in AzBox, but to be sure that You have newest versions of CAM's, from time to time
  • it is recommended to make an OnLine Update ( if you have internet connection ).
  • New Versions of CAM's will be saved on Your PC, and will be accessible on every next startup of application.
  • In application there is attached few localizations ( language files ), but also You can store translation by this way:
  • In Folder where AzBox Cam Wizar.d is installed, You will find file with name: Lng_Default.ini. You can change word default with name of Your language.
  • Now, Edit that File, You will see default messages showed on English language. If You want to translate, on each end of message on English You should add /// ( 3 slash ),
  • and after that Add your translation of that message, so do not delete messages on English, just add /// and put after that Your translation.
  • So it should looks like this :

  • Original message /// Translated message

  • I would like to say thanks with help of testing and creation of this Application to :

  • iPod ( NeotionBox ), Roger Rabbit, and all others who helped me to make this application.

  • This application dont contain any kind of Key's and nothing which is connected with illegal watching of Pay TV Channels.
  • This is just Cam Wizar.d which should help all beginners or normal users ( technicians, sellers in shops ) to set-up new AzBox HD without any problem.
  • It is up to you, end users, will You cross the legislative and Use this Installer in illegal operations.

  • rgs,










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Nuevo AZBoxEdit 0.9.2371 por Telesat


Add. Full Scr., Editor is now compatible with newer FW's (DiseqC switch Combination), Fixed some bugs ..






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Toolbox aZbox HD Sharing total-BQ_Team
















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Azbox HD toolbox v1.3 by TEAM BSC











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AzBox HD Channel editor AZBoxEdit 0.9.2880



- Editor is now compatible with new FW's (New Ch.Structure) and also successfully imports old Ch.List and adapts it

simply, load old list in AZBoxEdit, then upload it in AZBox and everything will work without additional corrections in the menu

- Support added for : DVB-C, DVB-T, IPTV

- shortcut added (CTRL+Key)

- BugFix: Rename Ch.- All Ch.List






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Private Shell 3.0


Private Shell is an advanced and easy-to-use SSH and SecureFTP client for Windows providing remote computer access with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols.



  • # Terminal connection (SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, serial port device);
  • # file transfer connection (built-in SFTP client);
  • # database connecton (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, DB2);
  • # CVS repository access;
  • # e-mail server connection;
  • # VNC server connection;
  • # X11 tunneling;
  • # and more.








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UDM 0.3.9 Beta - AZbox HD Linux




- download a file from the internet to the router/server/appliance hard disk

- upload a torrent file from your desktop to the router/server/appliance and start ctorrent with it

- start, pause, resume, cancel downloads and torrents

- run shell commands on the router/server/appliance

- basic authentication

- minimal router/server/appliance resources usage to run the GUI

- AGA: tested only on roleo's USRAGW2-PLUS_fs_kernel_3.04L.01.-090423_2300

- HY101: tested only on mce2222's AZbox fw

- Mybook World Edition: tested only on bluerings

- tested on IE7 and FF3, Opera, Chrome and Safari (gorilla fonts work properly only on M$ platforms)

- based on mootools and mini_httpd













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AzBox HD Channel editor 0.9.2880a


AZBoxEdit is free to use and for further distribution.

The only author's wish is not to distribute this program on SatelitskiForum

Because the previously mentioned forum and his admin renne is hostile in general

Towards AZBox, huge number of members which were part of topics about AZBox,

including the author of this program. I hope you will respect my wish,

on the contrary in next versions of AZBox additional control will be included.



Attention : Before installing new version of software you need to uninstall previous one




0.9.2880a AZBoxEdit


Updated TPs for selected Satellite from KingOfSat

All Ch.Group - now you can move Ch.

Genre Group - you can add and remove from selected group and add,remove,rename Genre Group

Country Group - you can add and remove from selected Country group


Remember: One Ch. can be added only to one genre group and only to one Country Group !



Import from satellites.xml (from http://satellites-xml.eu/ or E2) - OK

Improt from KingOfSatt - OK

Del Sat - OK

Add Sat - OK

Update Sat - OK







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Maz 1.0 Azbox Manager


Software for editing chanels, conect by ftp to your box to insert files etc.


Great Software for AZBOX HD


Polecam dobry manager do AZ ;)







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MultiCASEdit v.1.0


  • Small tool to manage your cccam and multicas data.
  • After succesfull installation, use the options tab to edit settings
  • for the ftp connection to your az box.
  • After that you will be able to upload / download / edit data from your box.




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MaZ see. 2.0 Updated


Manager for AzboxHD by Morser


This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x656.

Click the image to open in full size.


view. 2.0


  • - Added a button to telnet to the clipboard to copy the contents of text framed in the console window.
  • - Added the modification of satellites and transponders
  • - Ability to massive changes in satellites like putting selected satellites USALS motor mode or enable / disable the LNB feed.
  • - Ability to search our coordinates giving the name of our city or village.
  • - In the lists of favorites, if we try to add a channel that already, do not re-add.
  • - Added the copy to favorite channels or favorite lists complete and attach them to other lists (in the destination list must be the channel or did not stick).
  • - Added power also capture images from TV (no video, only static images)
  • - Added the creation and modification of reservations for recording
  • - Added a list of recorded programs with the ability to delete or download to your PC.
  • - Added multilanguage support (included with the Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian and Serbo-Croatian)




MaZ 2.0.rar (1,69 MB)

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AZBox HD Remote Control




Release 0.7.15

- Virtual Keyboard for help fill text box in your AZbox


Coming Features:

* Channel List Editor

* System Status and Backup Utility

* Reserved Record/Play Editor







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MaZ 2.1


  • - Solucionado bug en la lista de reservas que al modificar o borrar una entrada duplicaba la siguiente y borraba la ultima
  • - Solucionado un pequeńo bug en las traducciones en la informacion de reinicio despues de subir una lista de canales.
  • - Ampliado el tiempo en la captura de imagenes de TV para los HD (testear).
  • - Ahora se puede ordenar la lista de canales por HD o codificados
  • - Ańadido lenguajes catalan y Holandes
  • - Solucionados diversos bugs en la modificacion de satelites
  • - Ańadidas opciones de seleccion de UB cuando se elige LNB unicable tal como esta en el Azbox
  • - Se han quitado tipos de LNB dejando solo User Def, Universal, Unicable y 10000/10445. Si escogemos User def. nos permite poner la frecuencia





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